A mountain adventure is coming! Trailer for “Too Old for Fair Tales 2” is now online

Waldi and his friends set off on a journey on the mission to find Dad. Will be accomplished? Viewers will find out the answer on March 15, when “Too Old for Fairy Tales 2” hits theaters. The highly anticipated film directed by Kristoffer Rus will once again talk about issues that are important for both children and parents while entertaining and moving to tears. The cast includes the talented youth trio known from the first part: Maciej Karaś, Amelia Fijałkowska and Patryk Siemek. They are accompanied on-screen by Karolina Gruszka, Dorota Kolak, Paweł Domagała, Michał Żurawski and Grzegorz Małecki. We present the trailer of the film.

– It’s a family movie. A perfect idea for how to spend time together in a way that’s fun, moving and meaningful, and that there’s something to talk about after the screening, says Karolina Gruszka. The actress again played the role of Teresa, the main character’s mother. Her partner is played by Paweł Domagała, who gives the following reasons for accepting the role in the continuation of the family hit:

– I liked the first part very much. A warm, charming, and good film. Plus, it’s one of my daughter’s favorite movies, so it’s nice to be able to impress my child.

He also praises the young actors: – I will never say a bad word about young people again. I learned a lot from them, it’s very cool that they are confident. It turns out that maybe the generation difference is not that significant after all. We have similar dreams but different means of expression. I am very encouraged and delighted to work with these young people.

Michał Żurawski and Grzegorz Małecki also joined the cast. The crazy aunt Mariolka, beloved by viewers, will also appear on the screen. Played by Dorota Kolak, the actress emphasizes that the film is also worth seeing because of the locations where it was made:
– Places in the Tatra Mountains are so beautiful that they take your breath away – he encourages.

“Too Old for Fairy Tales 2” is a continuation of the family hit that delighted critics, attracted crowds to cinemas and triumphed on VOD. The film is directed, as in the case of the first part, by Kristoffer Rus, with the script written by Agnieszka Dąbrowska. The producer is Pokromski Studio, and the distributor is NEXT FILM.


“Too Old for Fairy Tales 2” will hit cinema screens on March 15, but fans of Waldi the Mighty the First can be carried away by the adventure on February 28. That’s when a novel with the same title based on the film’s script will be released. Its author is Agnieszka Dąbrowska, a screenwriter, who also wrote the first part of the book, “Too Old for Fairy Tales”.

– Perfect reading for the whole family, not only because of its funny nature and family atmosphere, but also because of important topics, such as the contact between a child and its parent, which is often discussed time spent together, and mutual respect. If you like realistic adventures, full of emotions, good humor and wicked adversities, this book is for you! – he wrote about the book “Too Old for Fairy Tales” in the blog Naszabajce.pl