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06 Dec 2023

“Baby boom, or Egg Nogg 5” in cinemas in January! Watch the trailer.

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27 Oct 2023

“The Peasants” OST by L.U.C. & Rebel Babel Film Orchestra available now!

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26 Oct 2023

Sandra Drzymalska as Simona Kossak and Jakub Gierszał as her life partner. First stills from “Simona Kossak”

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17 Oct 2023

“The Peasants” with record audience after the opening weekend in Polish cinemas!

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07 Jul 2023

“Too Old For Fairy Tales 2” – the last day of shooting. See first photos from the movie!

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01 Jun 2023

Jacek Borusiński as “Wróbel” (Sparrow) – first stills from the new NEXT FILM production

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30 May 2023

“Our Folks: The Beginning” („Sami swoi. Początek”) – see first photos from the film

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07 Mar 2023

“Johnny” wins 4 Eagles – Polish Film Awards

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23 Dec 2022

“The highlight to celebrate the last 30 years”. “Phenomenon” – a unique documentary about the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) and Jurek Owsiak is hitting the cinemas this January

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02 Nov 2022

“The Ikea Generation” – the first photos from the screen adaptation of the best-selling book

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31 Oct 2022

“Na twoim miejscu” – see the teaser

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31 Oct 2022

“In-Laws 2” – the hit comedy is back! First photos from the film

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