“Our Folks: The Beginning” won the hearts of viewers! The film had over 220,000 admissions during its opening weekend.

The adventures of Kargul and Pawlak warmed the hearts of viewers again. A film with a star cast “Our Folks: The Beginning” attracted over 220,000 viewers to cinemas on its premiere weekend.

The film “Our Folks: The Beginning” was watched by over 220,000 viewers during the premiere weekend. The invitation to the project by Artur Żmijewski turned out to be a hit.

I was a little afraid, but unjustly, because the film “Our Folks: The Beginning” turned out to be a successful film. (…) We should be happy that this story fits the already-known story – said Tomasz Raczek in his video review on YouTube channel.

I have the feeling that Artur Żmijewski has defused the bomb of expectations. As a director making his debut in a full-length feature, he created an extremely warm and captivating story about characters whom millions of Poles know very well. And this is a backbreaking task – we are talking about a script related to film legends. (…) I don’t have a feeling of desecrated sanctity. This film is a bit like a warm blanket you wrap yourself in on a cold evening – wrote Justyna Bryczkowska from kultura.gazeta.pl (link)

Reviewers praise the script of the film “Our Folks: The Beginning” which was written by Andrzej Mularczyk, the creator of all parts of the now cult productions about Pawalak and Kargul. However, they emphasize that it is thanks to Artur Żmijewski’s efficient direction that the story described several dozen years ago is understandable to a modern viewer.

The humor in Żmijewski’s film can only be compared to the original. (…) It must be admitted that Arkadiusz Mularczyk’s script is engaging. And not only those who know “Our Folks” by heart. For them, it will be a sentimental trip to Krużewniki, and for the young – a not-at-all-boring trip into the past – wrote Magdalena Drozdek for Wp Film

Critics also praise Adam Bobik, who, when creating his character of Władysław Pawlak, skillfully incorporated elements that Wacław Kowalski also admired over half a century ago.

If it can be said that “Our Folks: The Beginning” finally stands up as a production and film compared to the earlier trilogy, it is also thanks to Adam Bobik, who used Mularczyk’s script as the young Pawlak, full of characteristic sayings, dialect, and funny repartee – wrote Jacek Cieślak from Rzeczpospolita