Record-breaking “Kleks Academy” gets over 2 million admissions

Record admissions at pre-premiere screenings. A record-breaking opening weekend in Box Office. This time, “Kleks Academy” can boast itsef as  Polish film with the largest audience since 2020. Directed by Maciej Kawulski, the story about Professor Kleks’s extraordinary school has already got 2,048,776 admissions. Since the pandemic, no domestic production has managed to exceed this magical two-million barrier.

Viewers fell in love with the magical world of “Kleks Academy” and flocked to cinemas. Director Maciej Kawulski talks about how to create a film that resonates with the most demanding audience, i.e. children:

We decided that we all need to become children for a moment and look at what we do from this perspective. This meant that we had to leave ourselves and find the child within us, let go of ourselves as an adult. Each of us has that boy somewhere on the side who is 12-13 years old. It was at this age that all our biggest problems and traumas arose. If you stop and sit next to this guy and ask him: “What’s bothering you, man?”, it will suddenly turn out that this person wants to come to you, sit on your lap, hug you. And that’s how you become that child, because he is you and you are him. And even if we enjoy slightly different things, from a child’s perspective we were all afraid of the same thing. Bah! To this day, we are afraid of the same things, we dream about the same things and we need friendship and love, which is very visible in this world.



From the cinema screen to the largest entertainment halls in Poland – film and music stars associated with the “Klek Academy” will be seen during a spectacular multimedia show that will visit seven cities in Poland.

The magical world, full of fantastic characters and thrilling adventures, will continue in a spectacular live performance. The Kleks Academy – Musical School of Imagination starts on February 24 at the Atlas Arena in Łódź and will visit six other cities and the largest entertainment halls in Poland by the end of April. Spectacles with lots of visual and musical surprises, prepared in a special concert formula, await viewers in Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Warsaw, Tricity, Kraków and Katowice.

In addition to a lot of fun and education for the whole family, each show will be an opportunity to meet live the actors who took part in the making of the film. Ada Niezgódka, known from the big screen, i.e. Antonina Litwiniak, will invite you to Kleks Academy Live – Musical School of Imagination. Sebastian Stankiewicz, the film’s Mateusz the Bird, will also take viewers on an exciting journey to the land of creativity and magic. Apart from them, the stage will also feature, among others: Daniel Walasek – Prince Vincent, Konrad Repiński – Albert and Jana Jachimek, who played Serdel. Musical stars will also perform – Carla Fernandes and Oskar Cyms, known from the song “To the stars” accompanying the premiere of “Kleks Academy” (“To the stars”) – Carla Fernandes and Oskar Cyms.

All information about Kleks Live Academy – Musical School of Imagination can be obtained at



Imagine a world created by your unlimited imagination. A world where you can smell color and hear its taste. It is a world drawn by a child’s mind, but just like every drawing it has its outlines, just like every world, even the most beautiful, has its rules. What if you break them? This fairy tale is still being written… And it is written by outstanding Polish actors – including: Tomasz Kot, who plays Ambroży Kleks, and Antonina Litwiniak, who plays Ada Niezgódka. Piotr Fronczewski, Danuta Stenka, Sebastian Stankiewicz and Agnieszka Grochowska also appear on the screen.

The film script, on the basis of which director Maciej Kawulski could create the fairy-tale world of “Kleks Academy”, was written by Krzysztof Gureczny and Agnieszka Kruk. OPEN MIND PRODUCTION is responsible for the production of the film, and NEXT FILM is responsible for distribution.