New film by the creators of the hit “Johnny” – see the first stills

The creators of the hit “Johnny”, which won the hearts of cinema goers (one million admissions!) and then television and streaming audiences, are back with a new project. The title of the star-studded movie is “The AA Team”. Daniel Jaroszek is again responsible for directing, and Robert Kijak (NEXT FILM) is producing. The cast includes: Danuta Stenka, Łukasz Simlat, Magdalena Cielecka, Michał Żurawski, Maria Sobocińska, Mikołaj Kubacki and Leszek Lichota. We present the first stills from the film.


What is the movie about? In order to save their therapeutic center, four cross-addicted alcoholics undertake to smuggle two tankers of spirit across Poland. For their own safety, they kidnap their therapist on the trip. However, the journey turns out to be more dangerous than they expected, because following them – or rather the illegal alcohol they are transporting – is a Customs Officer, who is not entirely who she says she is. From then on, everything gets complicated. Will Leszek, Wiola, Dominik, Karolina and Wojtek manage to complete the mission, but also not succumb to weakness and interrupt the therapy?

“The AA Team” is a story about mutual support, thanks to which you can overcome your own weaknesses. And also about how important good goals in life are for this victory. But no one said it would be easy – especially when temptation is so close…


– The huge success of “Johnny” proved that the audience loves smart and accessible cinema that is able to combine entertainment and a deeper message. The comments that we have received and continue to receive with subsequent premieres on streaming and television platforms only confirm our belief that the best stories are those that trigger emotions in viewers and make them reflect. This will also be present in “The AA Team”, says Robert Kijak, the film’s producer.

– We have been looking for an aesthetic way to tell this story for a long time, but I hope that the final effect and the visual side of the film will be a breath of freshness and a big surprise for most viewers. We managed to create an extremely colorful and unusual world, using relics of the architecture of the Polish People’s Republic and the early 1990s, but giving them a new meaning. Thanks to this, we gave our wonderful actors a unique background to play a story that – I deeply believe – will make you laugh and will move you – says Daniel Jaroszek, director of the film, for whom “Johnny” was a feature film debut.

The authors of the script are Jacek Wasilewski and Tomasz Kwaśniewski. This is another NEXT FIILM own production, produced by Robert Kijak.

The film is produced in cooperation with Amazon Prime Video. The project is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Premiere in cinemas: autumn 2024.



Featuring: Danuta Stenka (Wiola), Maria Sobocińska (Karolina), Łukasz Simlat (Wojtek), Michał Żurawski (Leszek), Mikołaj Kubacki (Dominik), Magdalena Cielecka (Celnik) and Leszek Lichota (Bruno)
Directed by: Daniel Jaroszek
Script: Jacek Wasilewski, Tomasz Kwaśniewski
Producer: Robert Kijak
Co-producers: TVN
Photos: Michał Dąbal PSC
Scenography: Karolina Rączka
Costumes: Zofia Komasa
Make-up: Liliana Gałązka
Casting director: Konrad Bugaj
Editing: Maciej Kozłowski PSM
Sound: Sebastian Brański, Wojciech Mielimąka
Music: Maciej Dobrowolski
Production manager: Michał Lipski
Line producer: Anna Orska-Olszewska
Production: NEXT FILM
Distribution: NEXT FILM