“Too Old for Fairy Tales” – read before watching

It’s going to be one crazy adventure, and the teenage life of Waldek – organised around what he believes to be the most important things – will be turned upside down many times over. “Good stories are like a mirror. They allow you to see your own life in a different way. Just like Waldek, each of us sometimes needs a kind soul who will give us confidence and courage in the right moment. Read! “Too Old for Fairy Tales” will give you the strength you need!” – Karolina Gruszka

A fun story about growing up, great passion and the power of freedom. It is also an inspiring tale about the most important things in life!

Waldek has his PIORITITIES: a gaming tournament, money and psycho fans. He’s also lucky because his mum understands this perfectly. She might be a little overprotective but never mind. However, his world is turned upside down when his mum has to go to the hospital and Waldek finds himself in the care of his crazy aunt, Mariolka. She brings discipline into his life, switches him to a healthy diet and forces him to practice sports, which Waldek hates. As if that were not enough, Waldek’s team is falling apart, and his participation in the tournament of his dreams becomes a touch-and-go situation… There’s no way around it, Waldek will have to face these challenges.

The question is: can he?

Agnieszka Dąbrowska does not create unrealistic worlds inhabited by artificial characters. Instead, she invites young readers of all genders to meet their peers, kids who could easily be their buddies from class or next-door neighbours. Their joys and sorrows, their difficult, blooming emotions and the times of horror and surprises, with a gaming tournament in the background…

• The “Too Old for Fairy Tales” e-book is the perfect offer for enthusiasts of adventures, unexpected twists and unforgettable characters. The stories of Waldek and his friends, aunt Mariolka, mum and dad were brought further to life by the illustrations of Marta Krzywicka.

• “Too Old for Fairy Tales” (e-book in the epub and kindle mobi format) is an adventure novel for teenagers aged 10–13.

The “Too Old for Fairy Tales” book and e-book is recommended by: WP.pl, Czas Dzieci.pl and Radio Złote Przeboje

“Too Old for Fairy Tales”, directed by Kristoffer Rus and written by Agnieszka Dąbrowska, with excellent child actors and Dorota Kolak, Karolina Gruszka and Andrzej Grabowski, hits the cinemas on 18 March 2022!

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