Premiere of “Firework kitchen” – a book by Patryk Galewski

The cookbook by Patryk Galewski (played by Piotr Trojan in the film), which was written after the end of the shooting for “Johnny”, has just hit the bookstores. It is more than just a collection of great recipes – it is also a tale about the complicated fate of a boy who has suffered a lot to win his life in the end.

Patryk Galewski is now a fantastic cook, a chef at the Kutter restaurant, a happy husband and a father of three. Things were not always this easy, though, and the road that led him to this place was bumpy, indeed. “Meeting him was part of my punishment” – says Patryk Galewski, the protagonist of the book and the film “Johnny”. They met at the Hospice in Puck founded by Fr. Jan, where Patryk was sent to do community service after spending time in prison. “It was Johnny who realised I liked to cook and encouraged me to become a chef. He gave me a second chance – without him, I would never have made it” – says Patryk.

“Firework kitchen” is a fantastic story told through aromas and flavours. The readers will find out what dishes Patryk dreamed of in prison, what he cooked for the residents of father Jan’s hospice, what dishes he prepares for the guests who come to his restaurant and what he cooks at home, for his wife and kids. The book is available, in particular, at Kulturalny Sklep. The e-book can be found, for instance, in Publio.