“Our Folks: The Beginning” („Sami swoi. Początek”) – see first photos from the film

Adam Bobik and Karol Dziuba will star as Kazimierz Pawlak and Władysław Kargul in the comedy “Our Folks: The Beginning” (Sami swoi. Początek”). The prequel to the cult-favourite trilogy, exploring the origins of the dispute between the legendary characters, is directed by Artur Żmijewski. We present you with the first photos.

The remaining cast includes Paulina Gałązka, Weronika Humaj, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Katarzyna Krzanowska, Mirosław Baka, Wojtek Malajkat, Anna Dymna, Janusz Chabior and Adam Ferency.

Pawlak and Kargul – the protagonists of the cult-favourite trilogy “Our Folks” („Sami swoi”) – had been neighbours in a village in Podolia before they ended up in the Recovered Territories. Even then, it was one explosive neighbourhood… “Our Folks: The Beginning” („Sami swoi. Początek”) is a colourful story of small spites and major milestones in life. The unique characters are shown against the backdrop of big historical events, taking the audience on a riveting, sentimental and humorous journey.

The history of the Pawlak and Kargul families is inspired by true events. The persons who had to abandon their homes in Kresy, which is now located within the Ukrainian borders, included Jan Mularczyk, the uncle of the excellent writer and screenwriter, Andrzej Mularczyk, the author of the screenplay for the cult trilogy as well as the prequel. Many years later, he became the model for Kazimierz Pawlak, a person well-known from the “Our Folks” („Sami swoi”), “Take It Easy” („Nie ma mocnych”) and “Big Deal” („Kochaj albo rzuć”) trilogy. Jan Mularczyk settled in Tymowa, near Lubin, in Lower Silesia. – He had a very interesting past, and he was a great storyteller. I listened to the stories of his life for several weeks and wrote them down in notebooks that I have kept to date. His stories were dramatic, melancholic and humorous – says Andrzej Mularczyk.

The film is directed by Artur Żmijewski. – I want to make a film that will be understood by the contemporary audience, explaining the origins of the dispute between the Pawlak and Kargul families and describing the world they lived in before coming to the Recovered Territories. I want this to be a brand new, universal story about all of us – how we behave in real life, with all our flaws and virtues. Regardless of the place we live in – he says. – In one interview, Andrzej Mularczyk said: “True comedy has to move and entertain”. That is precisely the kind of comedy I want to write! – he adds.

The film producer, Tomasz Kubski, had the following to say about the production: – Everyone keeps asking us two questions: “Why?”, “What for?”.  The answer is very simple: it is the beginning of the whole story, and it was supposed to be the first part of the cult series, but towards the end of the 1960s political reasons prevented the production of a film that would show the Soviet nation in a negative, slightly satirical way. The trilogy without the part we are producing was essentially incomplete, lacking a world where Pawlak fell in love for the first time, had his heart broken for the first time and stood up for himself for the first time.

The operator in “Our Folks: The Beginning” („Sami swoi. Początek”) is Piotr Śliskowski. The costumes are prepared by Emilia Czartoryska, the make-up artist was Pola Guźlińska, and the sets were built by Ryszard Melliwa and Marcin Dyakowski. The executive producer of the film is Krzysztof Łojan. Radosława Burdzy is responsible for interior design. Jarosław Barzan is the editor, and Paweł Lucewicz will compose the music. The film is produced by Tomasz Kubski and Mikołaj Fajks of the CK Dezerterzy studio. The co-producers are TVN Warner Bros Discovery and NEXT FILM. Świętokrzyskie Province is a partner of the production. The film will be distributed by NEXT FILM.



Genre: comedy, drama

Cast: Adam Bobik (Kazimierz Pawlak), Karol Dziuba (Władysław Kargul), Paulina Gałązka (Nechajka Słobodzian), Weronika Humaj (Mania Ziębicka), Zbigniew Zamachowski (Kacper Pawlak), Katarzyna Krzanowska (Maryjka Pawlak), Mirosław Baka (Ziębicki), Wojtek Malajkat (Priest), Anna Dymna (Pecynicha), Janusz Chabior (Wincenty Kargul), Adam Ferency (Wujko Pecyn), Agnieszka Suchora (Ziębicka)

Director: Artur Żmijewski
Cinematography: Piotr Śliskowski
Screenplay: Andrzej Mularczyk
Casting director: Piotr Bartuszek
Set design: Ryszard Melliwa, Marcin Dyakowski
Interior design: Radosława Burdzy
Costumes: Emilia Czartoryska
Make up: Pola Guźlińska
Editing: Jarosław Barzan
Sound: Dariusz Stanek, Przemysław Kamieński
Music: Paweł Lucewicz
Executive producer, production manager: Krzysztof Łojan
Producer: Tomasz Kubski, Mikołaj Fajks
Production: CK Dezerterzy
Co-production: TVN Warner Bros Discovery, NEXT FILM
Partner: Świętokrzyskie Province
Distribution: NEXT FILM