“In-laws”– Ostaszewska, Dorociński, Kuna and Woronowicz in the comedy of the year! Watch the trailer.

“In-laws” are a crazy story about what can happen when you finally lose your temper. It is not just another romantic comedy – it is a film about the confrontation of two different worlds that will make you laugh even if you haven’t been to a wedding in quite a while. The main cast includes Maja Ostaszewska, Marcin Dorociński, Izabela Kuna and Adam Woronowicz. The film directed by Kuba Michalczuk will premiere on 10 September. You can watch the trailer today.



Is the wedding party a sure-fire disaster if the wedding is cancelled? Certainly. And what a disaster it is! Everything sets the two families apart – their background, status, wealth and taste. Initially, the parents of the groom (Maja Ostaszewska and Marcin Dorociński) and the bride (Izabela Kuna and Adam Woronowicz) are simply shocked. What happened? Who is responsible for this? What about the wedding party? Should we welcome the guests? Let the music play? Pour drinks? Who will cut the cake? From one word to the next, pleasant smiles turn into a nasty public quarrel. That’s when the real shocker comes… In the meantime, the wedding party grows really wild. And no one seems to be missing the bride and groom.



– The film pokes fun at ourselves, just like the cult comedies we all love as audience – says Kuba Michalczuk, director. – The contrast between war and people having fun is the highlight of every scene. This is the narrative theme of the entire film, which makes you laugh whenever these two elemental forces clash with each other – he adds.

Izabela Kuna, who plays the mother of the supposed bride, emphasises: – I recommend the film to anyone who has ever been or will be to a wedding party.

– There are certainly some myths and stereotypes about wedding parties, but, just like everything else, I am sure that wedding parties can take on many different forms. The wedding party in the „In-laws”, however, is something the audience should see for themselves – there will certainly be plenty of laughs as well as a time for reflection – says Marcin Dorociński. – The supporting characters are a particularly enjoyable part. All the aunts and uncles have been brilliantly cast, they are simply hilarious – he adds.



The cast includes Maja Ostaszewska (“Klangor”, “Magnezja”, “(Nie)znajomi”), Marcin Dorociński (“Pitbull. Last Dog”, “The Queen’s Gambit”, “Rose”, “Jack Strong”), Izabela Kuna (“Nieobecni”, “Overclockers”, “Ladies”) and Adam Woronowicz (“Mayday”, “Diagnoza”, “The Butler”).

“In-laws” has been produced by AKSON STUDIO (“Panic Attack”, “Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight”, “Never Cry”) and co-produced and distributed by NEXT FILM (“Dial W for Murder”, “How I Became a Gangster. True Story”, “365 Days”, “Dolce Fine Giornata”). The film is directed by Kuba Michalczuk, a talented ad director – “In-laws” will be his first feature film. The screenplay has been written by Marek Modzelewski. The cinematographer is Michał Englert. The producer of the film is Michał Kwieciński, and the executive producer – Małgorzata Fogel Gabryś.



Premiering on: 10 September 2021

Cast: Maja Ostaszewska, Marcin Dorociński, Izabela Kuna, Adam Woronowicz

Director: Kuba Michalczuk

Screenplay: Marek Modzelewski

Cinematography: Michał Englert PSC

Set design and interior design: Marta Zając, Jakub Zwolak

Editing: Wojciech Włodarski PSM

Costumes: Katarzyna Lewińska

Make-up: Liliana Gałązka, Ludmiła Krawczyk

Sound: Błażej Kafarski

Executive producer: Małgorzata Fogel Gabryś

Producer:  Michał Kwieciński
Production: Akson Studio

Co-production: Next Film

Distribution: Next Film

Co-financing: Polish Film Institute