Maszeńka dreams of a prima ballerina career. One day she runs away from her children’s home. Kordula, an eccentric social worker and a tattoo-enthusiast, follows her. Together they traverse Poland, from Bieszczady in the South to Gdańsk in the North, trying to reach a ballet school in time for the entry exam. Pursued by the police, they encounter a number of weird characters who help to fulfill the girl’s dreams. Her father goes after her as well, trying to find a way into her heart and to change his own life.

‘The heart and the sweetheart’ (dir. Jan Jakub Kolski) is a warm-hearted road movie about the strength of love and the power of dreams. It shows that sometimes it is worthwhile to stop for a second and rethink what is really important in life. And that it is never too late to go after one’s dreams.


“Magic Fern Flower” is an exciting story intended for children and their parents alike. Based on a fairy tale by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski, the film will additionally feature characters from Slavic mythology. In addition to the main character, Jacek, who will be looking for the mythic flower, you will also get to see a Lubberkin, Will-o’-the-wisp, the devil Rokita or a Striga.

Persuaded by the herbalist, Jacek goes out in search of the fern flower. According to Slavic beliefs, the flower will bestow eternal fortune onto anyone who finds it. The boy is poor, and he wants to use the flower to save his sick sister. To do so, he will have to face the many dangers of the forests. Including cunning demons. Jacek’s greatest fight, however, will be with himself. Will he be able to find the fern flower and stay true to his values?