“Supersisters” – hit in cinemas from May 10. See the trailer and poster of the film

On May 10 cinemas will be taken over by “Supersisters” – a film about superheros, full of spectacular special effects, directed by Maciej Barczewski. Playing the title sisters, Katarzyna Gałązka and Karolina Bruchnicka will talk about the fact that having powers is one thing, the art is to control them. On screen we will also see Tymek Frączek, Grzegorz Damięcki, Mateusz Kościukiewicz and Marek Kalita. Today we present the film’s poster.

– With this film, I reached out to myself as a 12-year-old who passionately watched American adventure films produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin studio, and in the early 1990s read the first X-Men comic books published in Poland, says the film’s director Maciej Barczewski. – As the film’s title itself directly indicates, “Supersisters” is also a tribute to the lighter trend of superhero cinema aimed at the whole family. After all, films are not only mirrors commenting on the reality around us, but also windows to the land of imagination, which allow us to move to a close, though unknown world, to give us a little smile and respite from the mundane of everyday life. That’s why “Supersisters” is a thoroughly entertaining cinema, using the tropes and manner of storytelling familiar from Hollywood productions, but set in the colorful Poland of the time of transformation with a wink of an eye.



Teenage Ala does not fit into the provincial world around her. She constantly rebels and acts out against her father, a physics teacher at the local school. When Ala accidentally discovers that she has superpowers and meets her sister Lena, whom she didn’t know existed, her life turns upside down – literally. The trail of girls endowed with supernatural powers is followed by the Colonel and his dangerous companion Hector from the secret Department 92.The goal of the soldiers is to create a powerful new generation weapon. To get it they are willing to sacrifice a lot, even the lives of sisters. After years of separation, will AlA and Lena be able to join forces and cooperate? Will the supersisters move to rescue not only each other, but also the world?

“Supersisters” stars Katarzyna Galazka (“Klangor,” “Bring Back Alice”), Karolina Bruchnicka (“The Coach’s Daughter,” “Minute of Silence”) and Tymek Frączek, making his big screen debut. They are partnered by Grzegorz Damięcki, Mateusz Kościuszkiewicz and Marek Kalita.

The film’s director is Maciej Barczewski, who also created the script in cooperation with Krzysztof Gureczny.”Supersisters” was produced by Aurum Film, a studio whose credits include the Oscar-nominated film “Corpus Christi,” the Netflix hit “All My Friends Are Dead,” and the award-winning “Blackbird.” NEXT FILM, which has brought such hits as “The Peasants,” “Kleks Academy” and “Too Old for Fairy Tales 2,” is responsible for distribution.