“Kleks Academy” charmed the audience. Record audience at pre-premiere screenings in the history of the Polish box office

Although “Kleks Academy” directed by Maciej Kawulski will not be released on a regular basis until January 5, it has already conquered cinemas. The film about the enchanted school of Professor Ambroży Kleks so far has 438,000 admissions. This is a record result for pre-premiere screenings in the history of the Polish box office.

When we started working on the film, I knew that Kleks would remember himself, but in my sincerest dreams I did not expect such a result and such a great reception. We wholeheartedly thank the children, both the small and the big ones. Thanks to you, the news about the world of imagination is spreading faster and wider – says Maciej Kawulski, director and producer of the film.

What is the film “Kleks Academy” about?

Imagine a world created by your unlimited imagination. A world where you can smell color and hear its taste. It is a world drawn by a child’s mind, but just as every drawing has its outlines, every world, even the most beautiful, has its rules. What if you break them? This fairy tale is still being written… And it is written by outstanding Polish actors – including: Tomasz Kot, who plays Ambroży Kleks, and Antonina Litwiniak, who plays Ada Niezgódka. Piotr Fronczewski also appears on screen as the mysterious Doctor.

The film script, on the basis of which director Maciej Kawulski could create the fairy-tale world of “Kleks Academy”, was written by Krzysztof Gureczny and Agnieszka Kruk. OPEN MIND PRODUCTION is responsible for the production of the film, and NEXT FILM is responsible for distribution.




Premiere: January 5

Starring: Antonina Litwiniak, Tomasz Kot, Piotr Fronczewski, Danuta Stenka, Agnieszka Grochowska, Sebastian Stankiewicz, Daniel Walasek, Konrad Repiński

Directed by: Maciej Kawulski

Script: Krzysztof Gureczny, Agnieszka Kruk, Maciej Kawulski

Photos: Bartek Cierlica PSC

Casting: Marta Wojciechowicz

Editing: Marcin Drewnowski PSM, Maciej Kawulski

Producers: Tomasz Wardyn, Maciej Kawulski

Original music: Mateusz “Matheo” Schmidt, Patryk Kumór, Dominic Buczkowski-Wojtaszek, Andrzej Korzyński

Make-up: Karolina Kordas, Alina Janerka, Wanda Tatucha-Kędzierzawska

Costumes: Kaja Rogacz, Agnieszka Osipa

Scenography: Daria Dwornik

VFX Supervisor: Szymon Kania

Sound design: Marcin Kasiński MPSE

Line producer: Piotr Bogusz

Production: Open Mind Production

Co-production: Grzegorz Pietraszewski, Bajka Pana Kleksa, Mazowieckie and Warszawski

Film Fund, NEXT FILM, IBRA, Błażej Hermanowicz, JAKE VISION, Platinium

Towers Management, Flame Natalia Siwiec, Hollywood Hair, MSL

Co-financing: Polish Film Institute

Film partners: InPost, Miasto Katowice, LEGO, Motus, Steakownia, Bakalland

Official carrier: LOT Polish Airlines

Charitable partners: Omena Mensah Foundation, Rafał Brzoska Foundation

Social partner: Avalon Foundation

Media patrons: Onet, RMF, TVN, Filmweb, Empik

Distribution: NEXT FILM