“Too Old For Fairy Tales 2” – the last day of shooting. See first photos from the movie!

It’s time for the new adventures of Waldi the Mighty and his friends! The shooting for “Too Old for Fairy Tales 2”, a film directed by Kristoffer Rus, has just ended. It is a riveting, humorous tale for the whole family a tale about unlocking the power of friendship, overcoming difficulties and facing the truth. Returning cast includes Maciej Karaś, Amelia Fijałkowska, Patryk Siemek, Karolina Gruszka and Dorota Kolak. The cast from the first film will be joined by Paweł Domagała, Michał Żurawski and Grzegorz Małecki, among others. The film will hit the screens in 2024. Today, we are showing you the first photos.

Your favourite gamer trio is back! This time, Waldek, Staszek and Delfina will spend an adventure-packed summer in the Tatra Mountains. During the trip, Waldek accidentally finds out that his father – the man he has heard so much about from his mum, the person who abandoned his family a long time ago – lives nearby. The boy is determined to find him and ask him about the reasons for his decision. Together with Staszek, under the cover of night, they set out on their mission. The hazards of the mountain trail, however, are nothing compared to what Delfina will have to do. The creative teenager has to hide the truth about the boys’ disappearance from her aunt, the mother of Waldek and… her new partner. How will this secret mission affect the lives of all the characters?  Will Waldek find an answer to the questions that haunt him and understand the actions of his father?

– After the screenings of “Too Old for Fairy Tales”, the audience would ask us: but what about Waldek’s father? Today, many young people grow up without a second parent. In the first part, we focused on issues connected with the risk of the mother’s disappearance, now we focus on problems related to the absent father. The way I see it, this is not just a film for children but also for the whole family. Personally, I could use more films I can watch with my entire family, I am looking for wise, moving films with some laughs in the mix. That is what life is like, full of tough choices, particularly when you are growing up. Still, you have to know how to laugh more… even if you’re laughing through tears – says the director of the film, Kristoffer Rus.


“Too Old for Fairy Tales 2” is a sequel to the 2022 film, which was the most popular Polish family film in the 21st century. The returning cast includes Maciej Karaś, Amelia Fijałkowska, Patryk Siemek, Karolina Gruszka and Dorota Kolak. They will be joined by Paweł Domagała, Michał Żurawski and Grzegorz Małecki, among others.

– “Too Old for Fairy Tales 2” is certainly a much bigger production than the first part, particularly due to the shooting locations in the Tatra Mountains in Poland, which were often remote and hard to access. It will have a bigger scale and be more adventurous, but – just like the first film – it will also pack plenty of strong emotion and deliver an important message – says the film producer, Mikołaj Pokromski.

The film was shot in Warsaw and Zakopane, including locations such as the Jan Kasprowicz Museum in Harenda and on Kasprowy Wierch.

“Too Old for Fairy Tales 2” has been produced by Pokromski Studio. The film will be distributed by NEXT FILM. It will hit the screens in 2024.




Premiere: 2024

Cast: Maciej Karaś, Amelia Fijałkowska, Patryk Siemek, Karolina Gruszka, Dorota Kolak, Paweł Domagała, Michał Żurawski, Grzegorz Małecki

Director: Kristoffer Rus

Screenplay: Agnieszka Dąbrowska

Cinematography: Jakub Stolecki

Set design: Aleksandra Kierzkowska

Costumes: Katarzyna Lewińska

Make-up: Waldemar Pokromski, Marta Szczerkowska

Sound: Grzegorz Kucharski

Editing: Marcin Komar Konarzewski

Music: Karim Martusewicz

Producer: Mikołaj Pokromski

Production: Pokromski Studio

Distribution: Next Film

Co-financing: Polish Film Institutenex