Agnieszka Grochowska and Michał Czernecki in the first photos from the set of “Skołowani”

The shooting for “Skołowani” has started – the film will be a Polish version of the tale that first won the hearts of audiences in France and then in other countries all over the world. It is a charming, romantic tale about the encounter of Maks, who’d prefer to remain forever young, with the feisty Julia. The main roles will be played by Agnieszka Grochowska and Michał Czernecki. “Skołowani” is the directorial debut of Jan Macierewicz. The film is scheduled to hit the screens in 2023.


What is the film about? Maks is a die-hard womaniser and a notorious liar. When Anna, an attractive young woman, mistakes him for a handicapped person, Maks does not correct her mistake, hoping she’ll be another easy catch. However, Anna has something else in mind – she introduces him to her older sister, Julia, who is confined to a wheelchair herself. Surprisingly, a genuine bond starts to form between the cynical Maks and the lively Julia, but can a lie create solid grounds for a good relationship? Can this love survive?

Maks and Julia will be played by Michał Czernecki and Agnieszka Grochowska. The cast also includes, among others: Marianna Zydek, Marcin Perchuć, Bartłomiej Kotschedoff, Gabriela Muskała, Jerzy Bończak, Maria Pakulnis and Mikołaj Grabowski.

– The first thing you have to ask is: if “Tout le monde debout” [title of the original] has already been made and has been such a success, does it even need a remake? – says the director of the film, Jan Macierewicz. – Definitely! This film is more than just a romantic comedy. Apart from intelligent humour, it also has a deeper, social and educational layer. Together with the cameraman, Michał Pukowiec, we want to create an engrossing tale about human relationships, love and choices that can be difficult at times.


The public sponsor of the film is the Avalon Foundation, which works for the benefit of people who are handicapped or sick, as a non-government non-profit organisation with the status of a Public Benefit Organisation.


– The Avalon Foundation has been helping people with disabilities and chronic illnesses to be active in all areas of life for 15 years – we provide daily funding and rehabilitation and run a range of social and educational programmes. We also make active efforts to change the perception of disabled people in Polish society by, for instance, promoting sports in an extreme form or combating the taboo pertaining to sexuality and parenthood. That is why we are happy that the producers of the film contacted us with a request to be the public sponsor. Disability is burdened with many stereotypes that usually result from gaps in knowledge or lack of contact. We believe that “Skołowani” will use laughs and intelligent humour to make another step towards a more normal perception of disability in Poland. We are keenly awaiting the premiere! – Helena Szczuka – manager of the Communication and Promotion Department of the Avalon Foundation.


The producer of the film is ATM Grupa. The film will be distributed by NEXT FILM.





Genre: romantic comedy

Director: Jan Macierewicz

Cinematography: Michał Pukowiec

Cast: Agnieszka Grochowska, Michał Czernecki, Marianna Zydek, Marcin Perchuć, Bartłomiej Kotschedoff, Gabriela Muskała, Jerzy Bończak, Maria Pakulnis, Mikołaj Grabowski, Krzysztof Materna

Screenplay: Agata K. Koschmieder

Set design: Magda Marszałek

Costumes: Kalina Lach, Anna Kozłowska

Make-up: Magdalena Kakietek

Editing: Adam Kwiatek

Production manager: Jadwiga Dziuma

ATM producer: Renata Męcina

Producer: ATM Grupa, co-financing: POLSKI INSTYTUT SZTUKI FILMOWEJ

Distribution: NEXT FILM

Partners: Opera Wrocławska, Fundacja Avalon, Sunrise Medical