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2014 Polska produkcja   

Warsaw Uprising

Premiere: 09.05.2014

Director:Jan Komasa

Producer:Warsaw Uprising Museum

Genre:Historical Drama

Czas:83 min.

‘Warsaw Uprising’ is the first non-fiction war drama in the world, made exclusively from real footage. It tells the history of the Warsaw Uprising through the eyes of two young reporters, witnesses to the fighting.

‘Warsaw Uprising’ is the first non-fiction war drama in the world, made exclusively from real footage. It tells the history of the Warsaw Uprising through the eyes of two young reporters, witnesses to the fighting. The movie uses the authentic newsreels from September 1944. With the aid of modern color correction and digital reconstruction of audiovisual media, and the assistance of great specialists and filmmakers, the creators of ‘Warsaw Uprising’ created a film exceptional on a global scale. Six hours of original Warsaw Uprising newsreels; 7 months of work; a team of military, fashion, and architecture specialists as well as urbanists, varsavianists and historians; 1000 hours of color consulting; 1200 scenes; 1440 hours of color correction and reconstruction; 112.000 chosen frames; 648.000 minutes of reconstruction; 22.971.520 megabytes of data – these are but a few numbers that help grasp the magnitude of the effort that was put into making this movie. The result is an 85 minutes long film, fully reconstructed, colored and emotional, that shows the Warsaw Uprising with an unprecedented dose of realism.

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Jan Komasa


Joanna Pawluśkiewicz

screenplay / dialogues

Jan Ołdakowski

screenplay / movie idea / producer, Warsaw Uprising Museum

Piotr C. Śliwowski

screenplay / movie idea / executive producer

Michał Sufin


Grzegorz Olkowski

production manager

Joanna Brühl


Bartosz Chajdecki


Bartosz Putkiewicz


Awards & festivals

EAGLES Polish Film Awards

Best Documentary Movie

EAGLES Polish Film Awards

Best Sound

EAGLES Polish Film Awards

Best Cinematography

"Polish Cinema" Association Award

Silver Ticket

Polish Film Festival in Toronto

Best Documentary Movie

"Bluebox" Film Festival in Olsztyn

"Bluebox" Main Award

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