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Premiere: 08.03.2018

A light-hearted, playful romantic comedy, which tells us that sometimes, when it seems like we’ve lost everything, fate actually presents us with what is most precious.

The life of Mańka (Agnieszka Więdłocha), boss of a big-city company, suddenly turns upside down. Her firm falls victim to unfair competition, her relationship with Norbert (Mikołaj Roznerski) is going through a crisis, and her younger sister, Lilka (Julia Wieniawa), an incarnation of chaos so strange to the perfectionistic Mańka, appears at her doorstep. It takes a dog and a coincidence for Piotr (Bartosz Gelner) to enter her life, and despite a series of misunderstandings and in spite of herself, Mańka seems to be attracting him. As a go-getting woman of success, Mańka has no intention of giving up and focuses on the fight for survival of her company and on exposing the frauds. Will she be able not to lose sight of sisterly friendship and of her chance for something new?


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