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Premiere: 08.11.2019

Director:Łukasz Kośmicki

Producer:Watchout Studio


Times change – the stakes remain the same. International cast, Polish production. The latest film by Watchout Studio, credited with features such as Gods and The Art Of Loving. The Story of Michalina Wisłocka, is underway on the latest film.

The film’s set, a unique scenery of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, will witness a meeting of world-famous film stars and award-winning Polish filmmakers. Among them: Bill Pullman (Independence Day, The Sinner, Lost Highway, Sleepless in Seattle), Lotte Verbeek (Nothing Personal, Outlander, The Borgias), Corey Johnson (Captain Phillips, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Mummy), Aleksey Serebryakov (Leviathan), Robert Więckiewicz (In Darkness) and Allan Starski (Schindler’s List, Aftermath, Pan Tadeusz), Paweł Edelman (The Pianist, Stones For the Rampart, Wałęsa. Man of Hope), with Łukasz Kośmicki as the director. A touching thriller and a spy tale depicting the story of a forgotten genius, a chess master Joshua Mansky (Bill Pullman) takes us behind the scenes of high-stakes international politics and the timeless conflict between two superpowers. The eponymous game takes place in Warsaw, which in 1962 became the centre of events determining the fate of the world. Producers Piotr Woźniak-Starak and Krzysztof Terej, who have successfully told real-life tales before, this time leave it to the viewer to answer the question: “did this story actually happen?”

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Łukasz Kośmicki


Łukasz Kośmicki, Marcel Sawicki


Paweł Edelman PSC


Allan Starski

set design

Łukasz Targosz


Ewa Gronowska

costume design

Ewa Drobiec, Agnieszka Hodowana


Robert Gryka, Wolfgang Weigl, Krzysztof Arszennik


Jarosław Bajdowski, Michał Fojcik, Bartłomiej Bogacki


Jeremy Zimmermann, Nadia Lebik


Magdalena Malisz

production manager

Justyna Pawlak, Oliver Simon, Adrian Włodarski

executive producer

Piotr Woźniak-Starak, Krzysztof Terej, Daniel Baur


Watchout Studio we współpracy z K5 Film


TVN S.A., NEXT FILM, Canal+, Big City Outdoor, The Story Lab, Poręczenia Kredytowe, Kosafilm, Galeria Olśnienia – GO Justyna Chodkowska


Awards & festivals


Golden Frog Nominee

Polish Film Awards

Best Supporting Actor - Winner

Polish Film Awards

Best Costume Design - Nominee

Polish Film Awards

Best Production Design - Nominee

Polish Film Awards

Best Sound - Nominee

Polish Film Awards

Best Cinematography - Nominee

Polish Film Awards

Best Makeup - Nominee

Polish Film Awards

Discovery of Year - Nominee

Polish Film Festival

Best Editing - Winner

Polish Film Festival

Special Jury Prize - Winner

Polish Film Festival

Golden Lions - Nominee

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Grand Prize - Nominee

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Best Director Jury Prize - Nominee

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Best Cinematographer Jury Prize - Nominee

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Best Music Jury Prize - Nominee

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