A group of friends are taking their kids to a traditional long weekend getaway on the Danish island of Bornholm, just like they did for many years. An incident between the children will spark a new crisis in their relationship. Each couple seems happy, but are they really? Maybe they’re just keeping up appearances?


Magda (Magdalena Popławska) and Arek (Arkadiusz Jakubik) have been successfully married for 25 years, and they take care of a sick grandfather (Włodzimierz Press). They live with their son (Kamil Szeptycki), who has been in a long relationship with his girlfriend – Asia (Agata Różycka). It seems everything is fine – a typical family. But when you look closer…

Magda, a teacher in a catholic high school, is hiding from everyone the fact that she prefers women, Arek has not been able to find a job for a long time now, and Tomek, a popular youtuber, is motivated mainly by self-interest. The trouble starts when Magda, tired of living a secret life, decides to follow her heart and triggers a cascade of events. Asia breaks up with Tomek, the grandfather disappears, and Arek has problems with getting his life back on track. When troubles, conflicts and desires that have been repressed for many years finally explode, everybody starts to live their own life. Or at least they think they do… Will every character find their own path to happiness?