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Premiere: 06.02.2015

Director:Grzegorz Jankowski

Producer:Film It

Indie rock band Tranzystory goes on its first tour around Poland. This new experience disappoints the musicians in many ways, and is also a good test for the strength of their friendship.

A visit from a bailiff is never a good sign. And if Jerzy Bydgoszcz (Tymon Tymański) had met an officer any less eccentric than Czesław Skandal (Grzegorz Halama), he would probably still be repaying his debts. But when the bailiff proposes him to reactivate the band, record an album and go on tour, Bydgoszcz starts looking for his old crew right away. The rest is history… However, this is not just another story suitable for morning TV.

Although the drummer is rarely sober, the band’s bus should have been scrapped years ago and the band’s fanclub has only one member, the Transistors are doing alright. They travel across Poland, playing concerts in weird places and partying harder and harder. Instead of spotlights and glory, all that awaits them is the stench of tight dressing rooms and expensive champagne replaced by hot vodka. This is what the Polish music industry looks like from behind the scenes. If only the moustached manager was engaged in his work as much as he was engaged in seducing groupies…

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