5 November 2019

“Jak zostałem gangsterem. Historia prawdziwa”, is premiering on 3rd January. We will see Marcin Kowalczyk as a leading actor in this film based on a true story. Also featuring Tomasz Włosok, Natalia Szroeder, Natalia Siwiec, Józef Pawłowski, Jan Frycz, Janusz Chabior and Adam Woronowicz. Today, we are presenting the video clip for the new song by Muniek Staszczyk “Ołów”, the official song promoting the film “Jak zostałem gangsterem. Historia prawdziwa”.

“Jak zostałem gangsterem. Historia prawdziwa” is a film about friendship and love in the times when letting your emotions take over may be fatal. Only two people really matter in the life of our protagonist – his best friend and his beloved woman, while his business is ruled by violence. The film’s plot begins in the 1970s – this is the time when the young protagonist already knows that adrenaline tastes better than milk powder. With time, he also discovers that what he desires most is money, power and being above the law. His transformation begins and his gangster talent flourishes. Together with his friend, he builds his own army. Based on a true story, it shows for the first time the true face of Polish mafia people: they started it dressed in cheap tracksuits and established a criminal organisation, which, for some time, ruled the entire state. However, the end of the story is not marked by bullets and blood – sometimes words can hurt more than a bullet, while love and friendship can be the cure, even in the most cruel hands.

The date of the premiere of the song “Ołów” by Muniek Staszczyk is no coincidence – it is 5th November, the date of his birthday. This is the second single from the “Syn Miasta” album released on 18 October. “Jurek Zagórski, the producer of my solo album came up with this great riff, a compilation of riffs by T.Rex and Jack White. In spite of the 15-year age difference between us, we have a lot in common in terms of rock’n’roll. A conversation I had with my daughter, Marysia, inspired me to write this song. Marysia is 26 years old, she has an Italian boyfriend, so she lives both in Italy and Warsaw. She came to Poland for Christmas last year. It was December with no snow, smog in the air, and the leaden sky above Warsaw… We were going past Patelnia next to the Palace of Culture, when Mańka said ‘You know dad, even though the weather in Bergamo is much nicer now, I still love this crappy pavement!’, and I replied ‘Baby, we have a song!’,” Muniek says about “Ołów”.

The leading role in the film “Jak zostałem gangsterem. Historia prawdziwa” is played by Marcin Kowalczyk (“Jesteś Bogiem”, “Hardkor Disco”). He is co-starred by Tomasz Włosok, playing the closest friend Walden, and Natalia Szroeder as Magda, the beloved woman of the protagonist. This is the big screen debut for the singer, well-known in the phonographic industry. Also featuring Natalia Siwiec, Józef Pawłowski, Mateusz Nędza, Waldemar Kasta, Piotr Rogucki, Anna Krotoska and such recognised stars of the motion picture industry as Jan Frycz, Janusz Chabior and Adam Woronowicz

The film is produced by OPEN MIND PRODUCTION SP. Z O.O. SK Maciej Kawulski, Tomasz Wardyn. Distribution: NEXT FILM/Mówi Serwis.5