24 September 2019

“Kult. Film” – a documentary about a legendary band will have its world premiere during the Warsaw Film Festival. It will be released in cinemas all over Poland on 22nd of November. 

“Kult. Film” is a film that has been awaited for years not only by the fans of the band, but also by all those who are interested in this phenomenon of Polish music. The documentary contains unique and unpublished backstage materials from the life of the legendary KULT band and Kazik Staszewski himself. A true, exciting and long-awaited film about people without whom the Polish music scene could not exist. The camera accompanied the musicians during their concert tour and in their everyday life, showing the phenomenon of the band and its unusual not to be found elsewhere bond with fans.

The pictures for a film was shot in the years 2013-2019. It was supplemented with archival materials, including those belonging to the members of the band.

The premiere of the production of “Kult. Film” will take place at the 35th Warsaw Film Festival (11-20 October) in the competition documentary section. The organizers are writing about the film: “This is not a movie about the history of the band. We look at protagonists in such a way that we can get close to them. No one was that close.”

– It is a film about people from flesh and bones, about a wonderful male friendship. I focused my attention on the broadly understood prose of life, taken as a part of the concert tour, i.e. the natural and free environment of the musicians. A few years of observation required humility and honesty, it was not about creating facts, scandals or conflicts. Ultimately, it was all about making the viewer feel privileged, as if they were part of a band, really close, laughing and touching, if he got….quoting one of the film’s protagonists, “a real truth”,” emphasises Olga Bieniek, the film’s director.

 * * *

Kult. Film

Premiere: 22nd of November

Director: Olga Bieniek
Screenplay: Olga Bieniek, Leszek Gnoiński
Producers: Filmicon
Year of Production: 2019