13 August 2019

Piłsudski” will be released in cinemas on 13th of September . Borys Szyc in the title role, next to him we will see Magdalena Boczarska, Maria Dębska, Józef Pawłowski and Jan Marczewski. Today we’re presenting the official trailer of the film.



The most anticipated premiere of this autumn, “Piłsudskiwill debut in cinemas in a month’s time. Shortly afterwards, it will also be screened in the Main Competition at the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. It is a story about a Marshal we do not know and a struggle for independence that had no right to succeed.

In the film we meet Piłsudski when he pretends to be a madman in a mental hospital to avoid prison. He’s on the verge of life and death, suffering from starvation. He’s been pretending to be mad for so long, he’s almost become mad. His friends are helping him escape. – says the lead actor Borys Szyc about his character. – Despite many difficulties, his own limitations, he is determined to achieve his only and most important goal: to bring Poland back on the map of Europe. He was a very strong, charismatic man, but had a human weaknesses and flaws.

Józef Pawłowski, who plays Aleksander Sulkiewicz, a close friend of Piłsudski’s, in the film, tells the story of his role:

– When I read the script for “Piłsudski”, I was most surprised by the temperament of our characters. They were people endowed with great fantasy, passion for life. They were even madly brave and full of energy. They didn’t calculate, they often bet everything on one card. They weren’t afraid to make decisions. In the name of the cause, they’re willing to risk their lives. This is what the protagonists of “Piłsudski” are like.


Especially for the film Ørganek and O.S.T.R. wrote a song “To nie miało prawa się stać “. Listen to the explosive mix of rock and hip-hop!


It had no right to happen! It’s 1901. Jozef Piłsudski “Ziuk” (Borys Szyc) after a bravura escape from a mental hospital, he again leads the Polish independence underground. He stands determined on the battlefield, in his private life he succumbs to passions, torn between two women – his wife (Magdalena Boczarska) and his lover (Maria Dębska).

Considered as a terrorist by the conservative members of the Polish Socialist Party, Piłsudski and his closest collaborators will stop at nothing  – attacks on tsarist officials and top officers, smuggling of bombs, daring attack on a train – to achieve his goal: an independent Poland. The year 1914 is approaching and “Ziuk” sees new opportunities for the realization of the impossible. “Piłsudski” is an adventurous cinema, a fiery affair, a story of the Marshal that has never been known before.


The “Kadr” Film Studio is responsible for the production. Distributor is NEXT FILM.