30 August 2018

“Całe szczęście” is a new star-studded romantic comedy from TVN, the producer of such blockbusters as the “Listy do M.” film franchise and “Taxing Love”. Starring in the film are Roma Gąsiorowska and Piotr Adamczyk. They are accompanied by: Joanna Liszowska, Marieta Żukowska, Izabela Dąbrowska, Maks Balcerowski, Jacek Borusiński, Joachim Lamża, and Tomasz Sapryk. The film began shooting in August 2018 and is directed by Tomasz Konecki, who specializes in comedies (he previously directed “Lejdis”, “Testosteron” and “Listy do M. 3”). “Całe szczęście” comes to cinemas nationwide on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day.

“Całe szczęście” is a charming summer-holiday-vibe story of love that arrives in unexpected circumstances. The peaceful and organized life of Robert (Piotr Adamczyk), a symphony orchestra musician and single dad to a ten-year-old boy, Filip (Maks Balcerowski), takes a sudden turn when Marta (Roma Gąsiorowska), a charming and energetic popular fitness star runs into it. Two dissimilar characters, two different takes on love and life. Her world in a nutshell: big city, exotic travels, and sports. Marta has her own TV-shows, she writes culinary books and her face appears on the covers of the most popular magazines. Robert is a walking denial of the “sporty way of life”. His world is a safe haven comprised of parental duties, basketfuls of laundry, his son’s maths tests – and all of that is working well until Martha walks into his life.

A go-getting celebrity and a man intimidated by her charm. Why did fate bring them together? Will they be able to find their happiness with each other?

When she was preparing for the role of a fitness star, Roma Gąsiorowska was under the guidance of specialists from Health Center by Ann, Anna Lewandowska’s health and nutrition centre, such as nutritionist Alicja Krajowska, and the centre’s head coach, Kuba Głąb, Polish champion in silhouette fitness.

Most of the film is shot in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in beautiful Kashubian towns and locations such as Puck and Wejherowo. Filming locations reveal some of the region’s extraordinary architecture, history, language and inhabitants. The makers of the film show Kashubia as a family-friendly, cosy little corner of Poland – a true oasis for the protagonists of the film. “Całe szczęście” is set to wrap at the beginning of October.

The film is directed by Tomasz Koniecki, with Tomasz Madejski as director of photography, Joanna Macha as art director and Jarosław Barzan as editor. It is based upon an original script by Marcin Baczyński and Mariusz Kuczewski (writers behind the popular film franchise, “Listy do M.”).

The premiere of “Całe szczęście” is scheduled for the 8th of March 2019, which makes it a perfect International Women’s Day date film. The title is distributed by NEXT FILM. It is produced by TVN’s feature production team with Krzysztof Łojan as production manager. The film’s producers are Tomasz Blachnicki and Anna Waśniewska-Gill, the production team behind TVN’s latest commercial success, “Taxing Love”.