Awards for ‘Eccentrics’ and ‘Strange Heaven’!

20 September 2015

The 40th Gdynia Film Festival brought many successes. ‘Strange Heaven’ and ‘Eccentrics’ won three awards during the Main Competition, including the Silver Lions award, and were met with audience appreciation. NEXT FILM received the Polish Film Institute award for the distribution of ‘Gods’ and ‘The Warsaw Uprising’, as well as the prestigious Amber Lions award, also for the distribution of ‘Gods’.

‘Eccentrics’, a positive film by Janusz Majewski, with references to classic cinema, was the runner-up of the Gdynia Film Festival, receiving the Silver Lions award. Wojciech Pszoniak, who played the eccentric piano tuner Zuppe, won the award for Best Supporting Actor. ‘Eccentrics’ was also one of the audience favourites, judging by the length of applause.

Finally, Agnieszka Grochowska received the award for Best Leading Actress, for her magnificent role of a mother fighting to reclaim her daughter from the Swedish social services, in Dariusz Gajewski’s ‘Strange Heaven’, a movie distributed by NEXT FILM.