Film Ewy Bukowskiej

29 May 0208

“53 Wars” directed by Ewa Bukowska and starring Magdalena Popławska and Michał Żurawski is in the competition line-up of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The script of the film is based upon Grażyna Jagielska’s autobiographical book,“Miłość z kamienia. Życie z korespondentem wojennym” [Love made of stone. Living with a war correspondent]. The film is set to premiere nationwide on the 19th of October. Before that, the film will be competing for the Wielki Jantar award at the Koszalin Debut Film Festival “Młodzi i Film” [Youth and Film].

The film is inspired by true events. Anka and Witek are a loving married couple. He is a war correspondent, who spends the better part of the year at the heart of military conflicts. She spends her days waiting for him to come home. Anka tries to lead a normal life, but in time her fears for Witek start to infect her life like a poison. After he leaves for yet another war zone, she starts preparing for the worst.

“53 Wars” is a multidimensional story. In this day and age war, violence, regional conflicts, terrorism and overall destabilisation are every-day reality. One of the sub-themes of the film, and also the backdrop to the whole story, is the twenty-year presence of wars in various strategic places in the world. ‘The film is built upon two opposing themes: the intimate relationship of the two main characters versus the seemingly distant world of regional conflicts.’ says Ewa Bukowska about her debut feature film.

The main protagonist is played by Magdalena Popławska. ‘I read “Miłość z kamienia. Życie z korespondentem wojennym” [Love made of stone. Living with a war correspondent] by Grażyna Jagielska a long time ago. It is a fascinating story, so when I learned that the film was based on the book, I was prepared to accept the role without reservation. I love stories such as this one: first of all, they’re about women, second of all, they’re about broken people, people who have been through a lot, people with complicated lives, which is something a lot of us can identify with.’ said the actress, who won the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia award for Best Supporting Role in “Panic Attack”.

According to the Karlovy Vary festival organizers, “53 Wars” is ‘an evocative psychological drama based on a book by Grażyna Jagielska about experiencing war second-hand: we don’t have to be there for it to have a destructive influence on our lives’.

Besides Magdalena Popławska and Michał Żurawski the cast also includes Kinga Preis, Dorota Kolak and Krzysztof Stroiński. The film’s director of photography, Tomasz Naumiuk, previously won two awards at the “Młodzi i Film” [Youth and Film] Festival in Koszalin (for “Amok” and “Disco Polo”). “53 Wars” was edited by Agnieszka Glińska (“Panic Attack”, “Communion”, “11 Minutes”, “Jeziorak”, “Polskie gówno” [“Polish Crap”], “Yuma”). The film was produced by Munk Studio-SFP, the producer of such films as “Fear of Falling”, “The Erlprince”, or the rather famous “Silent Night”.

“53 Wars” was included in the line-up of Karlovy Vary’s “East of the West” competition. The ‘East of the West’ competition is for films by first- and second-time directors from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Greece, the former USSR countries and East Asia that are presented as world, international or European premieres. This will be the film’s international premiere.

Polish films have met with wonderful reception in Karlovy Vary a number of times before. Awards have been won by the makers of such films as: “Hi, Tereska” (2001), “My Nikifor” (2004), “Scratch” (2009), “Mother Theresa of Cats” (2010), “Floating Scyscrapers” (2013) or last year’s “Birds are singing in Kigali”.

“53 Wars” also appeared in the competition line-up of the Młodzi i Film [Youth and Film] Festival. That is the oldest film festival in Poland where only debuts are shown. Amongst the creators who debuted in Koszalin are: Krzysztof Zanussi, Agnieszka Holland, Xawery Żuławski, Tomasz Wasilewski, Łukasz Palkowski, Sławomir Fabicki, Katarzyna Rosłaniec, Maria Sadowska, Kuba Czekaj, Jan P. Matuszyński, Marcin Wrona and Dariusz Gajewski.

“53 Wars” will premiere in Polish cinemas on the 19th of October.